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Mordor Crafting - Dev Interview

An interview with
Erika "FriendlyHat" Ng.

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What’s new with the Crafting system for the Mordor Expansion?

It’s new in the sense that “Everything old is new again.” We’re returning to a level of robustness we haven’t seen with the last two crafting tiers. This crafting tier brings back a lot of items that were omitted from the previous tier.

What type of things will players be able to craft?

Players will be able to craft off-hands, weapons, armour, consumables, a bevy of class items (including Minstrel Instruments). Some craftable items in U21 will be best-in-slot for the expansion.

Does this mean I have new Crafting Guild Levels?

There are no new crafting guild levels, though it is still useful for players to be at the current capped guild tier: Westemnet

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How does the Ashes of Gorgoroth play into this? Or does it?

Ashes of Gorgoroth is it’s own system, but there is a slight tie-in with crafting.
There is a recipe for each profession to craft a disenchantable item. This recipe has a 1-day cooldown. The recipe must be purchased from the High-enchanter.

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